Things to Do on Your Lunch Break in London

London is a very challenging city that can leave us very little free time. But what shall we do? Passively accept this and continue living between home and office with very little time for ourselves? Or shall we start doing something about it and maximize on the little free time we have to enjoy ourselves? Discover how lunch breaks can really help facing work related stress and give you a mini-vacation feeling during an hectic day in the office. 

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1. IMPORTANCE OF TAKING A LUNCH BREAK: Not taking a lunch break can harm employees’ wellness and overall productivity.  Researchers at Humboldt University in Berlin found that eating at the desk makes people more stressed, less creative and more inclined to gain weight. Taking the time to step away for lunch greatly enhances one's work ethic. "Lunch isn't just an opportunity to nourish your body; it's an opportunity to nourish your mental state and your mind. It's a restorative moment to create fertile ground for creativity". (Kimberly Elsbach, University of California, Davis). No more excuses then and let your spring resolution be to spend at least 1 lunch break a week out of the office. 

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2. WHAT TO DO DURING YOUR LUNCH BREAK: From a simple walk to eating at the park, to exploring the area where you work whilst exercising there are plenty of things you can do during your lunch break to reboost your energy and switch off. From street art, to a visit at a museum, to a nice walk in a nice park or city farm, London is a world to discover, even in just a lunch break, so make the most of it. Check out some activities you could organize with your colleagues here.   

2. WALK, WALK WALK. With our fitbits, our iphones, strava and many other apps, we are more conscious about how much we walk. Walking properly can make you do the equivalent of 300 squatts and 300 crunches in just 15 minutes, so try and do so and see how walking can benefit your body and your creativity and productivity.

4. FIGHT LONELINESS: London is one of the loneliest cities in the world and most people make friends only at work. We want to help people to connect in different ways other than social drinking at the pub. Sharing meaningful experiences such as fitness, sightseeing and music is one of the strongest tools to truly connect to others, increase team engagement, boost mood and have a more positive and pro-active attitude in one's professional and personal life.