Listed as the first National Park City in the world London boasts not just some beautiful nature and wildlife, but also a 100-mile network of canals and docks, with impressive wildlife, beautiful houseboats and lovely harbours. London’s waterways used to be once the only way of reaching the rest of Europe from England, with maritime trade and naval power playing a crucial role for London. From the world famous Cutty Sark in Greenwich, to its Maritime Museum and Royal Naval College, to execution docks (where pirates were traditionally hanged), to more residential parts of the canals with gorgeous Victorian or Palladian villas, London shows a completely different side when it is on water.

Founded on the river Thames only six or seven years after the Roman invasion of Britain, London saw a proliferation of canals built in the 19th century, that were used as the main way to carry goods across the capital. Many of these canals are not visible anymore as they have now been buried under the surface and they keep running beneath our feet.

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River Effra is an example of one of London’s lost rivers, beautifully depicted in this mural in Brixton dating back from the ‘80s.

Apart from a way to transport goods London’s waterways have become home to many Londoners who are either looking for a more chilled lifestyle or for a more affordable way of living. With nearly 4,000 houseboats you can even check out for some to rent during your stay in London and you may find also Richard Brandson’s sleek houseboat in Little Venice available!


From Richmond, to Hampstead, to Greenwich the choice of canal trips in London is endless. Our top picks though are two areas that offer not just beautiful canal walks, but also some incredible history, great music and beautiful sights. (But stay tuned as we are working on some more exciting canal walks!)

Our Canary Wharf to Greenwich walk takes you from some stunning modern architecture, through relaxing docks and canals all the way to historical Greenwich, going past some incredible wildlife and hidden tunnels. Our Regent’s Canal and Little Venice walk instead dives you into one of London’s most elegant neighbourhoods, with its stunning Regency neo-classical architecture, combined with breathtaking panoramas and a music canal walk, accompanied by world famous artists that have lived or worked in the area.


Run by passionate local guides, our London Canal Walks are like no others as they combine nature, art, culture, lifestyle, music and wellbeing in a very unique and fun way.  Forget wordy explanations, long stops and crowded groups, our experiences are tailored for the dynamic traveller who wants to make the most of everything that London has to offer without wasting time and with intimate groups of like-minded people. After 2 hours you will not only have walk along beautiful canals or docks, but you will also have learnt lots of interesting anecdotes and stories about the area and you will feel energised and refreshed after having walked for your daily dose of 10,000 steps.