If you think that Canary Wharf is just a busy financial district with not much to see YOU ARE WRONG. There is much more than that...

If you haven't seen all of these things, or at least most of them, you don't know what you are missing. Once a week join our tours and immerse yourself in soothing nature, picturesque harbours and stunning views. Covering an area that spans from Canary Wharf to Greenwich to Limehouse, our tours give you a constantly changing experience. Get ready to nurture your curiosity and challenge yourself. Whether you love running or you prefer power walking we have a solution for everyone. Every Tuesday join the power walking/full body workout, and every Wednesday join the running/full body workout one. And as if fitness and sightseeing was not enough, get also ready for a true music journey through the artists that were born or have shot music videos here. From Culture Club, to Kate Bush, to Mick Jagger, to David Bowie, to the Sex Pistols, get ready to be inspired by great music and amazing landscape.

POWER WALKING - Tuesdays 1:00 pm

RUNNING - Wednesdays at 1:00 pm


Interested in adding the lunch escapes to your corporate wellness plan?

Get in touch and we will get back with the best offer for you. 

DRESS CODE: trainers, comfortable clothes and anorak (in case of rain). No heavy backpacks or bags. 

MEETING POINT: 2 Reuters Plaza E14 5AJ