About our Canary Wharf to Greenwich Walking Tour

An area usually associated to its busy financial district and sleek skyscrapers, the Canary Wharf to Greenwich Walking Tour unveils many unexpected surprises, ideal for lovers of nature, architecture, history and music. From rooftop gardens, to stunning viewpoints, to relaxing docks and canal walks, to impressive wildlife and country walks, to some historic masterpieces dating back to the 18th century, as well as unique maritime examples and stories this tours is truly unique.


Did you know that there are over 21 islands along the Thames? Some are very small and inhabited, others uncover some fascinating history. But the one that has been debated the most is the Isle of Dogs. Some say it it an island (as from its name), others argue it is a peninsula. But do we really care? Not really, what matters is that this part of London holds an incredibly interesting history, a vibrant present but most of all some beautiful places to see, unknown to many tourists. Within the Isle of Dogs we have Canary Wharf, London’s second financial district. If you wonder why there is so much security around this area, the answer is that this is not a public space but a private estate, so safety and security is key in the area. 105,000 people commute here every day with some of Europe’s major banks having their headquarters here. Our Canary Wharf to Greenwich walk will make you enjoy different art installations, as well as calming docks, boathouses and lovely residential areas. Get ready to spot llamas, cows, pigs and many more animals on your way to Greenwich, whilst listening to some of the artists connected to the area: from Jamiroquai, to Radiohead, to Mark Ronson, to Culture Club, to the Depeche Mode.


After modern architecture, nature, wildlife and canals during our walk get ready to enjoy one of London’s prettiest villages that lays on the South side of the Thames. Greenwich village is not only one of London’s four Royal Boroughs, due to its historic connections to the Royal Family, but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During our Greenwich guided walk you will learn about Greenwich history, its maritime past as well as admiring some impressive art masterpieces. The tour end near the Greenwich Prime Meridien, from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over London’s skyline.  


The tour covers around 10,000 steps. Energy, fun and music is what makes this experience unique and authentic. Thanks to a dynamic pace we will be turning sightseeing into cultural wellbeing that benefits our mind, body and soul and avoids many problems associated to traditional guided tours (from sore feet to back problems). With maximum 8 people in the group the tour lasts 2 hours.


After the tour you can continue exploring Greenwich by visiting the world famous Greenwich Mean Time, go to the Maritime Museum (free entry and ideal for families), go to grab something to eat in Greenwich Market, go for an afternoon tea at the Orangery at the Fan Museum, or just enjoy a walk in centre Greenwich where you can also visit the impressive Cutty Sark.     



Tour Highlights

  • Canary Wharf walking tour to learn its past and present

  • Enjoy stunning views across London

  • Relaxing canal walk along the Isle of Dogs docks

  • Immerse in nature and wildlife in Europe’s biggest city farm

  • Walk around Greenwich centre, markets and historic buildings

  • Make the most of everything you can see thanks to our dynamic walk




To book a completely bespoke experience or for any further assistance please get in touch or call us at +44 (0)7496994279





  • “How to walk” introduction

  • Dynamic guided tour

  • On-the-go music discovery session

  • Follow-up email with the playlist and the professional pictures of the area.


  • Food and drinks

  • Transport




Small groups up to 8 people


2 hours to 2.5 hours (according to the pace of the group)

RECOMMENDED DRESS CODE: Comfortable clothes and shoes, anorak (in case of rain) and no heavy backpacks or bags.

MEETING POINT: 2 Reuters Plaza E14 5AJ (we will meet in Canary Wharf but the tour will then be starting from South Quay bridge)

END POINT: Greenwhich Village (closest station is Cutty Sark)



I joined the Canary Wharf tour and it was amazing! It’s a fantastic way to discover London and its secrets having fun thanks to Savio and Elisabetta. Simply amazing and highly recommended!

Micol - TripAdvisor *****

This is such a great concept, away from touristy and crowded places! Hidden venues, vibrant markets, stunning panoramas, nature, music and wellbeing all blended into a unique, intimate and fun experience suitable for everyone.
This is a must go whether it is your 1st or 10th time in London! I'll be back soon for the other Tours!!!!!

Robertinho10 - TripAdvisor *****