Who enters here leaves noise behind
— Charles Dickens


Per Adult: £30.00

Per Child: £17.00


120 minutes

From London's literary capital to time-locked lanes and tucked away squares Holborn is at the very centre of an extremely interesting area in London. Immerse in what was once the stronghold of the Knights Templar whilst power walking to some powerful soundtracks of some great movies that have been shot in the area, from the Da Vinci Code, to Mission Impossible, to Bridget Jones. Stone archways, Jacobean Townhouses, Gothic and Victorian buildings, hidden gardens and miniature courtyards will make you go back in history whilst enjoying some peace and quiet right in the heart of London. From the Temples we will then continue to Bloomsbury, London’s literary capital, where Karl Marx created communism, Virginia Woolf defined the twentieth century British novel and Charles Darwin first conceived the theory of natural selection.

**Please note that our set tours are available in English and have an average fitness level, involving power walking and some exercises. Should you wish to have a bespoke experience please select the Private Tour option.




DRESS CODE: trainers, comfortable clothes and anorak (in case of rain). No heavy backpacks or bags. 

MEETING POINT: Holborn Station, Kingsway, London WC2B 6AA