Imagine being surrounded by beautiful Georgian cottages, then all of a sudden you find yourself in a beautiful hidden temple surrounded by an enchanting small wood, with monks walking around and the sound of birds filling the air.

Imagine working in one the world’s busiest financial districts and during your lunch break you can be in the countryside amidst llamas, sheep, gees and over 100 animals.

Imagine being immersed in gorgeous flowers and ancient woodlands and spot herds of deer all around you.

Imagine zen and secret garden with squirrels running around and green parrots flying about

Now stop imagining it, THIS IS LONDON!

With over 3,000 parks, 8 Royal Parks, nature reserves, woodlands, secret gardens and an incredibly varied flora and fauna, London is a global leader in city greening and urban nature. 49.5% of London is green and blue, yet many tourists and even Londoners don’t realise this.

All our experiences combine urban and natural surrounding to show how these two aspects perfectly co-exist in London. This city is a true example of cultural wellbeing, as it offers history, architecture and culture everywhere but also provides a huge amount of nature and wildlife. These two elements together are huge antidotes to hectic living and fast-paced city living.


Exposure to the natural world has profound positive effects on our mind and mood. Studies estimate that London parks alone save the NHS £370 million a year. Exposure to sunlight, moreover, is crucial to our wellbeing and improves our mood, so by making the most of London’s nature we contribute to the daily intake of sunlight and fresh air that our body needs.


London is full of nature everywhere so it is hard to pick the best areas, but here are our top picks as they provide a great combination of nature and culture (excluding the most known parks of St James’s Hyde Park and Green Park of course).

Let’s start with Little Venice and Regent Park. Within easy access to most central London areas this area includes canals, parks, viewpoints and lots of music for a truly inspiring and relaxing experience. Out of the radar of most touristic routes Wimbledon is only a few stops away from Waterloo or Chelsea and offers many parks, golf courses, lakes, commons, with many hidden gems along the way (not to mentions the most famous tennis courts in the world!). If you want a true country walk and love deers Richmond is definitely your best pick: wildlife, huge open spaces and gorgeous gardens this is one of the most impressive examples of wild nature just 20 minutes away from central London. In the east instead our top pick is definitely the Isle of Dogs: from modern architecture to enchanting wildlife this area is one of the most unexpected for you to see with a true scenic walk amongst farms and canals. To complete the list we cannot avoid mentioning Hampstead Heath (the tour is on its way!), where you can enjoy its rich wildlife as well as extensive sports and recreational opportunities.


Run by passionate local guides, our London Nature Walks are like no others as they combine nature, art, culture, lifestyle, music and wellbeing in a very unique and fun way.  Forget wordy explanations, long stops and crowded groups, our experiences are tailored for the dynamic traveller who wants to make the most of everything that London has to offer without wasting time and with intimate groups of like-minded people. After 2 hours you will not only have walk along beautiful canals or docks, but you will also have learnt lots of interesting anecdotes and stories about the area and you will feel energised and refreshed after having walked for your daily dose of 10,000 steps.