At a glance

  • Discover London’s nature on these immersive experiences

  • Relax and de-stress by enjoying some stunning scenic walks

  • A unique combination of nature, music and culture


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Enchanting secret gardens, relaxing parks, unexpected wildlife and enchanted woodlands and peaceful canals. Sounds like a fairy tale? Well, this is London and its stunning nature. With over 3,000 parks, 8 Royal Parks, nature reserves, secret gardens and an incredibly varied flora and fauna, London is a global leader in city greening and urban nature and it is in facts the world’s first National Park City.

So if you are a lover of nature and slow paced life make sure you add one of these immersive nature walks into your London schedule.


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Our nature walks will give you an insight of some of London’s most beautiful and untouched nature. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes as all walks include an active pace and around 10-12,000 steps. Each walk is truly unique and combines nature, culture, history and music in a very unique and refreshing way. Exposure to the natural world has profound positive effects on our mind and mood. So make sure you add a bit of fresh air, wildlife and beautiful views to your London stay and enjoy the world’s first National Park City. From herds of deer to llamas, to squirrels and foxes, you might be even lucky enough to spot owls and seals too. We will be exploring all of this with an active pace to show how we can all have a more active life just by making the most of everything that surrounds us.



London is full of nature everywhere so it is hard to pick the best areas, but here are our top picks as they provide a great combination of nature and culture.


Regent’s Canal & Little Venice Walk

Canals, parks, viewpoints and lots of music for a truly inspiring and relaxing experience.

From modern architecture to enchanting wildlife. Enjoy a scenic walk amongst farms, canals, history and secret gems.


Parks, golf courses, lakes, commons and many hidden gems along the way


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One of the most impressive examples of wildlife and nature just 20 minutes away from central London



More nature walks available privately. Get in touch to discover where they are or if you are interested in bespoke experiences.