At a glance

  • Walk to the rhythm of the best London Music

  • Learn many interesting music stories and anecdotes

  • Visit hidden music places unknown to the mass



Music is our life. No matter the genre, the era, the artist, we love music in all its forms and we love exploring places through their music. And guess what? There is no better place in the world to do this than London, where every corner, every street, every neighbourhood reveals a music story or a secret. From soothing and relaxing tunes, to more energising and uplifting ones, to some tracks that will make you go back into memory lane, all our experiences revert around music. No matter the genre or the period, London is an endless treasure for music inspiration, so come and live the best London music of all times!



During all our experiences we listen to the artists that were born, have produced or have worked in the area we explore. No headphones but a nice soundtrack coming out of our guide’s backpack that will accompany your experience. Where does the music come out from? From Savio’s backpack! Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Coldplay, The Clash, the Beatles and Pink Floyd are just a few of the names that you will come across during our experiences. Learn about wild rock parties and see the locations of some renowned music videos and album covers. What is more, at the end of the tour we will share with you the playlist that you listened to so that you can take the best of London’s sounds home with you.



All the experiences you find on Unexpected London are filled with music and have a selected playlist of artists connected to the area that you will receive at the end of the tour. But if we had to pick the three most music-oriented tours here’s our top three!

From David Bowie and the punk-rock music of the ‘70s to the reggae vibes of the Afro-Caribbean communities, this tour takes you on a truly international music journey where you can expect the unexpected and be amazed about its rich music heritage.

Come and explore iconic music shops, alongside interesting music anecdotes of the artists that were born or have lived in the area from Blur to Damon Albarn to Fleetwood Mac, to Gorillaz, to R.E.M. and Robbie Williams.

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From Bob Marley, to the Rolling Stones, to one of Pink Floyd’s London landmarks, to the Led Zeppelin and Sex Pistols, this area is absolutely filled with music stories and we will go past the homes of some incredible artists.