Explore London’s rich music heritage through musical themed experiences that make you dive into London’s very own music past and present. No matter the genre or the period, London is an endless treasure for music inspiration. From houses, to shops, to venues, to record labels, to music video settings, music is everywhere in London.

So if you are a music lover you cannot miss out on these London music walking tours. Get ready to immerse in London’s music with your eyes, ears and soul. Explore unexpected areas whilst listening to some unique stories and anecdotes told by our experienced guides and do so with the area’s best soundtracks of all times. What is more, at the end of the tour we will share with you the playlist that you listened to so that you can take the best of London’s sounds home with you.


Very few cities in the world can boast a music heritage like London does. Come and see where Bob Marley used to live and perform. See some of Jimi Hendrix’s, Coldplay’s, The Clash’s, the Beatles’ and Pink Floyd’s London’s landmarks. Learn curious stories of some of the world’s most iconic rock-stars’ wild parties (including David Bowie, Mick Jagger and many more). And see the locations of some renowned music videos and album covers, from Coldplay, to Robbie Williams, to R.E.M, to many more. Explore some memorial street art dedicated to London’s best artists and walk by old dairies turned into recording studios as well as getting to know music secrets that would be very hard for you to discover by yourself.


In all our experiences you can enjoy some great music, but here are our top picks for the best London music walking tours:   

BRIXTON: From David Bowie and the punk-rock music of the ‘70s to the reggae vibes of the Afro-Caribbean communities that lives in Brixton, this tour takes you on a truly international music journey where you can expect the unexpected and be amazed about how many artists have lived or studied in this area.

CHELSEA: From Bob Marley, to the Rolling Stones, to one of Pink Floyd’s London landmarks, to the Led Zeppelin and Sex Pistols, this area is absolutely filled with music stories and with the homes of some incredible artists.

SHOREDITCH: From R.E.M. to Robbie Williams this area has been picked as a setting location for many celebrated music videos. Come and explore iconic music shops, alongside interesting music anecdotes of the artists that were born or have lived in the area from Blur to Damon Albarn to Fleetwood Mac, to Gorillaz, to many more.

So whether you are looking to dive into London’s best music, learn more about specific genres or want to see some of  London’s music attractions these tours are perfect for you.


Run by passionate music lovers, our London music walks are like no others as they combine music, art, culture, lifestyle, nature and wellbeing in a very unique and fun way. Forget wordy explanations, long stops and crowded groups, our experiences are tailored for the dynamic traveller who wants to make the most of everything that London has to offer without wasting time and with intimate groups of like-minded people. After 2 hours you will not only have walk along beautiful canals or docks, but you will also have learnt lots of interesting anecdotes and stories about the area and you will feel energised and refreshed after having walked for your daily dose of 10,000 steps.