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  • Hire your personal local guide to access the real London

  • Exclusive private experiences based on your passions

  • Personal support in planning your whole London stay


About our Private Tours

With a unique approach in providing genuine and authentic experiences, we are here to tailor and deliver the most personal and tailor-made experiences you could possibly get out of your London stay. We don’t believe in conventional luxury and we are not here to deliver that. We believe in local and unique experiences that you could not have anywhere else around the world. Forget the London that everyone knows, and get ready for a city made of artisan love, unrivalled creativity and hidden gems.

Relax, wear some comfortable shoes and get ready for the most memorable London adventure you could ever have! 

What we offer



Choose one of our itineraries and explore London with your own private guide. Set the pace, the duration (2 to 8 hours) and choose between English and Italian.



Looking for a completely bespoke experience? Take our discovery session questionnaire so that we can better understand your requirements and get back to your with the best solutions.



Bespoke support to help you plan also the rest of your stay in London, including virtual maps, events, restaurants and many more local recommendations.


Our Private Experiences

Art and music


Secrets of Shoreditch: street art, music & more

Get lost in the art and creativity of Shoreditch and London’s East End. A personal guide will lead you along an immersive experience to discover all the artistic secrets of street art in London, combined with music, local traditions, hidden places and history.


Flavours of Brixton: from Bowie to the Caribbeans

An exclusive walk to enjoy London’s biggest Afro-Caribbean community. An explosion of colours, sounds and flavours, where you will meet the locals and discover all the secrets of the area, from its markets, to its music, to its street art.


Nature and canals

DSC_5656 #.jpg

Enchanting Wimbledon: from stunning nature to Asian secrets

Enjoy one of London’s most refined neighbourhoods on this nature-boost walk with some truly unexpected secrets along the way.

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Canary Wharf to Greenwich: explore London’s biggest island

From nature to history, enjoy an exclusive guided walk that will make you explore London’’s maritime past as well as hidden chapels, tunnels and wildlife.

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Wonders of Richmond

Enjoy one of London’s most breathtaking parks and refined villages with your own private guide that will show you stunning hidden gardens, nurseries, canals, boat laboratories and more.

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Regency Little Venice

From Regent Park to Little Venice enjoy a private experiences alongside relaxing canals, beautiful architecture, quirky harbours, energising music and hidden secrets.


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