At a glance

Enjoy a picturesque walk alongside canals, lakes and wildlife

Explore Richmond Park with its over 600 deer and beautiful nature

Discover a truly British village with its riverside eateries and many shops


About our Richmond Nature and Music Walk

Need to pause, rewind, energise and immerse in nature, flowers and peace? Our Richmond Nature and Music Walk is exactly what you need. A true breath of fresh air, only 20 minutes away from Central London. From Richmond’s lovely village, eateries, markets and shops, to its canal walk all the way to Richmond Park, this intimate walking tour will make you learn about the past and present of one of London’s most refined and relaxing areas whilst listening to some of the music connected to this area.

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The village

The happiest place in the capital, according to a survey run all around London a few years back. With its delightful riverside pubs and eateries, shops, Georgian and Victorian houses, Richmond is a lovely village both to visit or live in. Come and explore its culture, history and lifestyle in one of London’s neighbourhoods where country lifestyle perfectly blends with city life.

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Richmond Park

Come and explore Richmond Park, one of London’s eight Royal Parks and undoubtedly the wildest one. During the experience we will be seeing its beautiful Isabella Plantation, as well as secret gardens, luxurious nurseries, unexpected viewpoints, relaxing canals and lakes. Learn why it has protected status and is a National Nature Reserve.

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An important habitat for wildlife, Richmond is home to over 600 Red and Fallow deer, that have been roaming freely since 1637. During our experience we will go to the best spots to see deer and learn how they have shaped the landscape too. Alongside deer the park has a huge variety of other wildlife and flora. So get ready for a true journey into the wild!




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  • “How to walk” introduction

  • Dynamic guided tour

  • On-the-go music discovery session

  • Follow-up email with the playlist and the professional pictures of the area.


  • Food and drinks

  • Transport




Small groups up to 6 people


3 hours (according to the pace of the group length might vary)

RECOMMENDED DRESS CODE: Comfortable clothes and shoes, anorak (in case of rain) and no heavy backpacks or bags.

MEETING POINT: Richmond Station, The Quadrant, Richmond TW9 1EZ

END POINT: Richmond Park