At a glance

  • Discover the best street art in London and its artists

  • Explore vibrant communities & meet the locals

  • Enjoy an active walk whilst listening to great music



Get ready for a unique journey into London’s best street art. From historical and memorial murals, to controversial graffiti, to stunning portraits of sung and unsung people, to creative stickers, get ready to become a street art pro in just a few hours. Differently from any other street art tour, these experiences are not only on street art, as you will also be experience the culture and history of the area, whilst interacting with locals, accessing unique hidden places, learning fun anecdotes and listening to the best music created in the area.


Street art has the magical power to turn dirty walls into pieces of art. What once started as an illegal act of rebellion, has now turned into one of the most prolific art movements in the history of art. During our experiences you will get to know some of the most prominent artists in the international scene, from the world-famous Banksy, to Jimmy C, to Invaders, to Shepard Fairey to many more. We will see murals that speak of music, of political beliefs, of ethical movements, of the community and of people. Don’t expect long and wordy explanations, all our explanations are quick, witty and straight to the point to make sure you get to know the artists behind the wall and remember what makes them unique, without getting bored.




You can choose amongst two very unique and vibrant areas: Shoreditch and Brixton. From Europe’s Curry Capital to the biggest Afro-Caribbean community in London, both these areas are multicultural, full of anecdotes and filled with music.


A true open-air art gallery Shoreditch is at the heart of the East End street art scene, constantly changing and evolving, with its very own history and anecdotes of fashion and international communities that have lived here.

London’s strongest Afro-Caribbean community, Brixton offers 6 local markets, a vibrant local community, beautiful stores and eateries and London’s biggest display of murals dating back from the ‘80s.