Forget about crowded gyms and boring fitness sessions, you have just entered a brand new way of conceiving fitness. We are here to change lifestyle and mindsets and help you understand how to seamlessly fit exercise into your daily routine and promote freedom and independence from traditional exercise.  



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Learn how to feel and use all your muscles in every movement you make. Did you know that you can tone up your abs, work on your butt and strengthen your upper body just by walking properly? With our technique in just 15 minutes walk you can do the equivalent of 600 squats and 400 crunches and you can apply this to your everyday life. All our tours are full body workouts and you can choose between power walking or running.

Enjoyment and fun are key factors to reduce the perception of exertion and exercise regularly. Music and sightseeing are amongst the most powerful tools to stimulate our brain and take control of our senses. By merging discovery of new places with curated playlists of all the artists that have shaped the music scene of the areas we are discovering, we help people decrease the perception of pain and maximize their performance.